Perception and localization

Leverage simulation, re-simulation, and synthetic data to inform autonomous vehicle (AV) decision-making.
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“We use the most powerful and flexible simulation platforms in the self-driving industry.”
Mike Carter
Founding Engineer at Kodiak
Customer challenge
Testing AV perception and localization systems in the real world is time-consuming and often difficult to execute and repeat at scale.
Real-world operations don’t capture all situations
One situation has many edge cases and variations
Certain events are dangerous to test in the real world
Collecting and labeling real datasets is costly
Applied’s solution
Applied’s solution allows teams to test AV perception and localization systems at scale, identify edge cases, and ensure high-quality code.
Re-simulate failures found in the field
Generate synthetic datasets to train perception models
Leverage sensor simulation to iterate rapidly

Develop high-performing perception and localization systems

Identify issues found in field testing
Search real-world logs to identify segments that challenged your AV stack, including issues like driver interventions.
Perform root cause analysis
Re-simulate the identified real-world logs to understand your AV stack’s performance and determine necessary adjustments.
Improve and test perception modules
Modify perception modules or re-train machine learning (ML) models with synthetic data to address the identified issues. Iteratively run sensor simulations to monitor progress across purpose-built test cases, and introduce variations across behaviors, weather, and lighting to ensure robustness.
Scale testing to ensure safety
Execute a full test suite before merging changes or deploying a new stack version in the field to prevent regressions.
Speed up your software development life cycle
Prioritize AV development 
Triage log data quickly to focus on important development tasks
Escape real-world constraints
Test safety-critical situations and edge cases without real-world constraints
Iterate faster
Leverage simulation to reduce the delays and costs of real-world testing
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