Scenario creation

Create scenarios from synthetic data or real-world logs to improve your autonomous vehicle (AV).
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Applied Intuition provides simulation tools that are critical for our testing and development process.”
Kamil Litman
VP of Software at May Mobility
Customer challenge
Ensuring your AV can navigate all situations in its operational design domain (ODD) can be a challenging and labor-intensive process.
Larger amounts of scenarios needed as programs mature
Difficulty reproducing issues deterministically
Need to validate new stack versions
Applied’s solution
Applied’s solution gives you the ability to create diverse scenarios, test your AV against them at scale, analyze performance, and understand what improvements are needed.
Pre-defined scenarios for regulatory and ODD coverage
Virtually test your stack with object- and sensor-level simulation 
Ingest and automatically flag events via re-simulation
Run thousands of scenarios at scale
Ensure your autonomous system does not regress in the future

Leverage simulated scenarios to identify issues and improve autonomous system performance

Obtain scenarios
Jump-start your scenario creation process with pre-defined scenario suites. Seamlessly run simulation tests out of the box.
Create custom scenarios 
Create object-level and sensor-level scenarios to test your motion planning and perception stack in simulation. Define evaluation criteria and metrics that test your system’s performance.
Create scenarios from drive data
Run new versions of your stack against known issues in logs to ensure issues uncovered in field testing have been fixed.
Validate improved performance
Run scenarios in continuous integration (CI) to prevent regressions.
Identify and resolve issues at scale
Comprehensive virtual testing
Test each and every component of your stack individually, or test the full stack altogether
Increase team efficiency
Understand performance quickly and triage issues with an automated pipeline
Build confidence
Ensure issues are resolved and validate the robustness of future stack versions
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