Get your autonomous truck ready for commerce

Simulation enables faster, safer, and more efficient testing and development for autonomous vehicles. Applied’s Development Platform is completely customizable and enables the creation of virtual environments for your target domains.

Prepare for challenging scenarios

Evaluate your algorithm against rare or difficult events such as highway construction zones and emerging vehicle interactions in high-fidelity virtual worlds. Easily vary environmental parameters for comprehensive testing.

Safely model highway interactions

Test common interactions in your target domain such as lane changes, lane merges, cut-ins, and vehicles on the shoulder of highways. With a flexible, composable library of pass/fail criteria, objects, and behaviors, you can create any scenario on the fly.

Analyze disengagement events and fix issues with your stack

Resimulate real-world disengagement events to understand what might have happened without the safety driver’s intervention. Debug and validate to ensure the updated version of your AV stack can safely navigate challenging encounters in the real world.

Make a safety case for commercial deployment

Validate your fleet before public commercial deployment. Our verification and validation reports provide a record of requirements testing and facilitate communication with regulators and stakeholders.