Verification and validation

Ensure autonomous vehicle (AV) safety from development to commercial deployment.
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“[Applied Intuition’s] impressive and modern technology stack brought us in, and their professionalism, passion, and attention to details made us stay.”
Joel Skoghammer
Lead Engineer of Autonomous Transport Solution at Scania
Customer challenge
Autonomy programs need to ensure the performance and safety of the systems they develop within an operational design domain (ODD).
Complex safety requirements
Unbounded ODD
Limited regulatory guidance
Applied’s solution
Applied’s verification and validation (V&V) solution provides a comprehensive workflow to ensure AV safety.
Define requirements and set up traceability
Craft a comprehensive scenario library
Execute scenarios intelligently
Define and measure coverage

Establish a rigorous V&V process

Create a validation plan
Define requirements and your ODD. Establish a clear process to manage thousands of requirements and success criteria.
Define test plans
Write and manage thousands of test cases. Generate millions of scenarios programmatically to ensure sufficient coverage of all requirements, capabilities, and the ODD.
Execute test plans
Identify relevant test cases from large parameter spaces (auto-sampling). Create and execute scenarios in simulation to save time and costs compared to real-world testing.
Analyze results
Pinpoint top issues in your stack and assess whether the system is safe to deploy. Build customizable visualizations and identify areas to improve coverage.
Manage your entire V&V lifecycle
Scale scenario creation
Create scenarios programmatically at scale for your entire ODD
Save testing resources
Use dense parameter sweeps to find failing scenarios automatically and efficiently
Evolve your safety case
Manage your live safety case continuously according to the latest regulatory guidance
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