Off-road autonomy stack

Integrate and achieve production with Applied Intuition’s cutting-edge and validated off-road autonomy software stack. Transform any off-road fleet into autonomous machines capable of traversing diverse terrains and navigating complex environments.
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Developing fully autonomous systems for off-road use cases is uniquely challenging, as the software stack needs to navigate unique operational design domains (ODDs). The stack also needs to address specific use cases that are both technically and operationally challenging.
Off-road environments challenge autonomous systems with rugged landscapes, complex foliage, uneven surfaces, and countless obstacles requiring advanced environment perception and navigation
Autonomous systems must have the situational awareness to adapt to different types of unpredictable conditions such as low visibility, moving obstacles, and unstable ground; this is crucial for safety and reliable operation
Off-road environments require tailored software that can maximize the performance and reliability of specialized and hardened hardware and sensors that can endure harsh conditions


Applied Intuition provides a modular off-road autonomous vehicle (AV) stack that supports use cases ranging from 360-degree situational awareness in human-operated vehicles to full autonomy, across a range of terrains and weather conditions.
Revolutionary software utilizes the latest advancements in AI and passenger vehicle autonomy technology to bring transformative improvements to off-road autonomy
Autonomy software stack and complementary solutions such as visualization interfaces are designed with operator confidence in mind to boost trust and ease of use
Proven methodology and tools enable continuous verification and validation, ensuring robust and reliable development and adherence to stringent industry safety standards

The off-road autonomy stack

Applied Intuition’s offerings

Algorithm modules

Purpose-built AI and ML-based algorithm modules ensure precise and reliable performance in diverse terrains and conditions
Sensor fusion and calibration
Mapless navigation
Planning and controls
Redundant certifiable safety stack

Reference hardware architecture

Reference hardware architecture contains readily adaptable hardened compute hardware and sensor sets to accelerate deployment into fleets without the need to experiment

Reference software applications

Example software applications (e.g., environment visualizer for the operator) complement the autonomy software and are available to customers to expedite operator trial runs and enhance system functionality

Tooling for system integration and validation

Proven simulation, verification, and data tools from successful automotive engagements, ensuring robust, efficient, and reliable integration into vehicle software and hardware systems


Cutting-edge performance

Achieve exceptional performance with the latest AI technologies, unlocking additional fleet-agnostic productivity, functionality, and operational efficiency.

Industry adaptability

The stack is adaptable to various industries and applications, providing versatile solutions for mining, construction, defense, and other industries.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with new or existing fleets. Modular software and comprehensive integration tools ensure smooth deployment across various systems and platforms.

Whitebox model

A flexible business model enables customers to develop in-house expertise, fostering innovation and differentiated features.

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