Vehicle dynamics

Simulate the performance of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and specialty vehicles with the most accurate, detailed, and computationally efficient vehicle dynamics methods and models.
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“TruckSim was used to study offset loads and provide guidelines to body builders, resulting in trucks with high customer satisfaction. It also helped to define new test procedures feeding into braking and handling development for future products.”
William Spurr
Mechanical Engineer at General Motors Corporation
Customer challenge
Without high-quality vehicle dynamics, autonomous vehicle (AV) simulations can be inaccurate, unreliable, and unrepresentative of the real world.
Developing accurate models takes time
Simulations must reflect the real world
Undetected problems can cause significant delays
Applied’s solution
Applied Intuition’s vehicle dynamics software enables highly accurate and reliable virtual testing for AVs.
Most accurate models in the industry
Developed and proven over 25 years
Seamless integration with third-party tools
10x real-time performance for SIL and HIL simulation

The most accurate simulations of vehicle performance

High-fidelity vehicle models
Detailed math models for all combinations of vehicles with independent, solid axle, and twist beam suspensions.
Modular vehicle definition
Modular, parameter-based design approach to modify parameters and run simulations any time during the design cycle.
Vehicle performance metrics 
Open- and closed-loop models with advanced features to quickly discover a vehicle’s limit characteristics or its optimal path through a complex maneuver. 
Integrate with standard design tools
Seamless interfaces to other tools such as Simulink and LabVIEW. Develop standalone technologies using Visual Studio (VS) and CarSim’s API.
VS commands
Powerful scripting language to automatically control test runs, extend the vehicle model, and control complex driving maneuvers and sensors.
Boost AV development with computationally efficient vehicle dynamics models
Achieve high-quality simulations
Successfully validate AVs with accurate vehicle dynamics simulations
Reduce cost
Limit the use of high-cost test methods such as real-world testing
Shorten time to market
Deploy safe AVs faster than previously possible
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