Log visualization and triage

Understand field testing issues as you scale autonomous vehicle (AV) development.
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“Level 4 self-driving service technology requires driving on roads with high complexity and high uncertainty. Therefore, we need a dependable partner like Applied Intuition to quickly secure reliable autonomous driving technology.”
Junghee Park
Co-Founder and CEO of RideFlux
Customer challenge
As autonomy teams mature, they leverage real-world testing. Teams need to find and resolve issues in real-world logs quickly and at scale.
Petabytes of data in varying formats
Issues are sparse and hidden
Identifying issues is manual and time-consuming
Existing tools are disparate and focused on specific tasks
Applied’s solution
Applied’s log visualization and triage solution allows teams to automatically identify, triage, and resolve issues in real-world logs.
Log visualization in the cloud
Triage workflow to review and identify issues
Integration with issue tracking systems for easy hand-off

Identify field testing issues and reproduce them easily

Extract interesting events
Visualize any 3D data from your maps, logs, predictions, and more. Set up custom rules to identify key events in real-world logs automatically.
Re-simulate events 
Create re-simulation scenarios to reproduce issues deterministically, accurately, and reliably. Test new versions of your stack on the same scenarios.
Triage issues
Leverage a dedicated triage workflow to review key issues quickly, identify true issues, determine their severity, and understand root causes.
Hand off to developers
Export events into datasets or re-simulation scenarios, and provide full context by linking them to Jira issues.
Scale AV development with optimized log exploration
Maximize efficiency
Reduce the cost of data exploration; optimize your team’s time
Accelerate development
Reduce the time it takes to resolve issues; speed up feature roll-outs
Improve collaboration
Share rich information; allow developers to focus on high-quality events
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