Jump-start your scenario creation process with pre-defined scenario suites

Applied Test Suites are pre-defined simulation test cases for autonomous vehicle (AV) software testing and system safety validation. They are designed to help your team assess your AV software with high quality simulation tests, comply with regulatory protocols, and build a safety case for your operational design domain (ODD).

What are Applied Test Suites?

Each suite comes with test cases, which consist of logical scenarios (that expand out to thousands of concrete scenarios) and evaluative success criteria.

Scenarios come pre-defined with actor behaviors, routes, trigger conditions, parameter variations, and observers (pass/fail criteria) and are built on a synthetic map, making it seamless to run simulation tests out-of-the-box. Each of these elements can be customized to meet your bespoke evaluation criteria, parameter distributions, and maps.

Select a suite that meets your testing needs

We offer two categories of Test Suites. Regulatory Suites reenact the scenes and testing criteria as specified by regulatory bodies and programs such as NHTSA, Euro NCAP, and UNECE. ODD Coverage Suites will help your team rigorously test your autonomous system and grow your coverage in your ODD.

Examples of Regulatory Suites

Euro NCAP Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
Euro NCAP Assisted/ Automated Driving
NHTSA Pre-Crash
UNECE Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS)
*For the regulations that specify scoring, Applied allows you to test each of the specified scenarios and generate the scores that, for instance, Euro NCAP would give your system.

Examples of ODD Coverage Suites

Customize for your ODD

Grow your coverage and build a safety case

Expand scenario libraries across your target design domain

With ODD Coverage Suites, jump start scenario libraries of high-quality base scenarios. Customize base scenarios to fit unique requirements and assess performance across your target domain.

Provide evidence of system safety to regulatory bodies

Simulate regulatory testing protocols such as Euro NCAP with Regulatory Suites. Identify strengths and weaknesses of your stack, and curate an external testing report to make your safety case.

Find unforeseen failures and stack underperformance

Test your system on unbiased scenarios and discover failures in cases you did not consider.

Scale your verification process

Save hours of engineering work

Building a single high-quality scenario could take hours, and many teams don’t have the bandwidth to build it. Test Suites omit the need to write out test cases, determine requirements, and build scenarios.

Comprehensively test your system requirements

Tap into Applied’s deep expertise to ensure your system requirements are sufficiently tested. Fill any gaps or cases that may have been missed with our comprehensive Test Suites.

Build a safety case and reduce time to market

Build a safety case to regulators and ensure your software is trending towards regulatory compliance during development. High-quality scenarios, test cases, and requirements allow for targeted, robust verification and validation, thus accelerating time to market.