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Develop, deploy, and update complete vehicle software and AI applications with Applied Intuition’s vehicle software platform. Provide next-generation consumer experiences, accelerate time to market, and reduce operational costs.
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Industry trends like electrification, autonomy, and connectivity are disrupting and transforming vehicle production. Automakers are fundamentally redesigning vehicle architectures and creating new consumer experiences enabled by always-on vehicles. As new players reshape the automotive industry with AI technology, traditional players need to adapt to rapid change to enable modern software experiences.
Consumers expect high-quality, reliable, and predictable vehicle software experiences
Automakers need to continuously test more than 150 million lines of code across many vehicle variants, functions, and components
Integrating and updating software components from multiple vendors is time-consuming, error-prone, and often causes delays


Applied Intuition provides a scalable, extensible, and modular vehicle software platform, allowing automakers and suppliers to develop complete vehicle software across all domains.
On-board software platform to enable custom applications and next-generation consumer experiences
Off-board software platform for over-the-air (OTA) software updates, data logging, and maintaining digital twins of all vehicles and variants
Easy-to-use development environment and APIs enabling developers to easily build and test software and AI applications

Explore the components

On-board platform

Applied Intuition’s on-vehicle software platform follows industry best practices to enable flexible hardware choices. It provides a common software backbone for all vehicle functions, both safety-critical and non-safety-critical, and interfaces with legacy components.

Key features

Easy-to-use, well-documented, and standardized APIs to help automakers build and design their own custom and configurable application experiences

Off-board platform

The off-board platform includes cloud-based products for managing and maintaining the software on vehicles and fleets.

Key features

Collection of off-board tools for remote data logging, diagnostics, OTA software update management, and a digital twin for every vehicle and variant on the road
APIs to integrate with existing infrastructure while maintaining the flexibility to customize Applied Intuition’s off-board products


Use a single cloud-based integrated development and testing environment for all vehicle software development.

Key features

Integrated system definition artifacts with a development environment
Code editor with built-in build and deployment tooling for developers
Workflows for scaled automated testing for continuous integration and validation
End-to-end test traceability and reporting for validation


Build next-generation consumer experiences

A high-performance software platform with clear APIs covering the entire vehicle enables automakers to create new consumer experiences.

Accelerate development cycles

An iterative model helps automakers develop vehicle software continuously, deploy it to vehicles, and make high-quality software updates in a matter of days rather than months.

Harness the power of AI

The platform uses the latest AI technology, allowing automakers to build AI applications and create a data engine to train ML models on fleet data.

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