Advanced simulation software
for autonomous vehicles.
Simulate the Entire AV Stack
Autonomy is changing the automotive industry.
Since the introduction of the world’s first automobile more than a century ago, we’ve sought to make our vehicles more useful, safe, and intelligent. Now it’s time to make them fully autonomous.
Simulate the Entire AV Stack
Simulation is critical for AV development.
Physical testing has limitations. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and can’t possibly account for all use cases. Applied’s suite of products empowers autonomous vehicle teams to use advanced simulation to test the full scope of their AV stack from perception to planning and controls.
Simulate the Entire AV Stack
Applied creates industry-leading simulation software.
We’ve built infrastructure that embraces the latest software methodologies to bring a modular, extendable suite of products. We power some of the most technically sophisticated autonomous vehicle programs around the globe.