Map creation for simulation

Create synthetic maps for autonomous vehicle (AV) validation and generate 3D worlds for sensor simulation.
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“Meridian is an intuitive tool that allows us to quickly create virtual twins of our operating sites and leverage simulation to uncover issues before deployment.”
Max Ahlberg
Team Lead and Autonomous Drive Engineer at Einride
Customer challenge
Testing AVs in the real world can be slow, costly, and at times dangerous. Simulation tools help solve these issues, but they require error-free, high-quality maps to ensure realistic scenarios.
Map edge cases are difficult to find in the real world
Tests might require specific, isolated map conditions
Synthetic maps can have manual errors and missing road features
2D maps are insufficient for perception testing
Applied’s solution
Applied’s map creation solution allows teams to create error-free, fully synthetic maps and 3D worlds to test their AV stack comprehensively.
Create fully synthetic maps to test edge cases
Easily create road networks and add objects from an asset library
Validate the map to ensure it is error-free
Generate 3D worlds for perception testing

Leverage synthetic maps for AV validation

Create a road network
Create a fully synthetic road network or import and augment an existing map. Visualize real-world data and recreate specific areas using custom imagery and lidar point clouds.
Make procedural edits
Place various objects throughout the map, such as trees, signs, and obstacles.
Validate your map 
Run algorithmic checks to ensure your map is high-quality, error-free, and usable in simulation. Save time with pre-built checks, or write your own custom checks.
Generate 3D worlds
Create 3D worlds to train your perception system in sensor simulation.
Create scenarios or export maps
Build scenarios using the created maps, or export maps to formats like Apollo and OpenDrive for later use.
Develop AVs safely and efficiently
Save time and money
Reduce your reliance on expensive and time-consuming real-world testing; easily validate your system using synthetic maps
Evaluate your system effectively
Test your AV system comprehensively; identify edge cases and areas that rarely occur in the real world
Build with confidence
Ensure the quality of your synthetic maps with pre-built checks, and validate they are error-free and realistic
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