Motion planning and controls

Accelerate autonomous vehicle (AV) development with scenario-based testing.
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“Highly advanced simulation during ideation, test, and development speeds up our ability to deliver next generation AMRs best equipped to address the unpredictable events in facility workflows.”
Jim Rock
CEO of Seegrid
Customer challenge
Motion planning and controls engineers require closed-loop testing, but real-world field testing can be slow, expensive, and dangerous.
Need to test stack modules and integrations at scale
Covering entire ODD is time and cost intensive
Millions of test miles required
Applied’s solution
Applied Intuition’s motion planning and controls solution allows teams to fully benefit from scenario-based testing.
Comprehensive environment modeling
OpenSCENARIO-compatible scenario language
Performant and deterministic simulations
User-friendly web interface to analyze results

Speed up AV development with a simulation-first approach

Model your domain
Model any data required for simulation. Ingest HD maps, generate 3D worlds, leverage high or lower-fidelity models for physical or semantic sensors, and import high-fidelity vehicle models.
Run scenario-based tests
Create complex scenarios within minutes, test exact interactions, or explore machine learning (ML) behaviors in realistic situations. Run open- or closed-loop, object- or sensor-level, synthetic simulations, or log re-simulation. Run large test sets at scale in cloud simulation.
Analyze results
Analyze simulation results locally or in the cloud. Inspect stack, simulator, and pass/fail metrics in a user-friendly web interface. Compare individual simulation results to inspect potential regressions.
Virtualize your AV stack development
Increase safety
Improve safety and cost efficiency by leveraging simulation before proceeding to field testing
Scale testing
Run thousands of simulations in the cloud and view results in a single, shared frontend
Accelerate time to market
Iterate rapidly and validate new stack versions faster than with real-world testing
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