Large-scale testing

Automate autonomous vehicle (AV) simulation to accelerate time to market.
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“The Applied team has demonstrated their expertise and has equipped us with tools to accelerate the safe development of commercial trucks in a financially viable way.”
Michael Fleming
CEO of Torc Robotics
Customer challenge
Autonomous vehicle (AV) software requires rigorous testing to find thousands of edge cases and prevent critical regressions. 
System and integration testing are needed
Physical testing is not sufficiently scalable
Teams need to find and fix issues quickly
Applied’s solution
Applied’s large-scale testing solution allows teams to accelerate scenario-based testing with cloud simulation.
Run thousands of tests in parallel
Configure various test suites
Analyze terabytes (TBs) of test data
Identify issues and resolve them rapidly

Orchestrate a scalable testing pipeline

Create scenarios
Define scenarios to test specific features, integrations, or system-level functionalities. Configure them to run with hundreds of variations.
Automate testing
Integrate different test suites with your build pipelines. Generate build images and trigger tests automatically.
Execute tests in parallel
Leverage a Kubernetes backend to execute thousands of tests in parallel. Run deterministic simulations in the cloud. Leverage your cloud architecture (AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premises) to scale nodes and save simulation output.
Resolve issues
Analyze TBs of test data with a web-based frontend. Investigate issues, compare stack changes, and view simulation performance side-by-side to uncover regressions.
Track progress
Track overall performance and create custom dashboards for program-level analysis. Enable cross-team collaboration with link sharing, failure triage, and issue tracking.
Reach your milestones faster
Scale testing exponentially
Discover and resolve issues faster to deliver reliable software
Empower your team
Enable effective teamwork through cloud collaboration
Save validation resources
Leverage simulation at scale to decrease costs compared to other test methods
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