Off-road simulation for construction & mining

Simulation enables faster, safer, and more efficient development processes. Applied’s Development Platform is completely customizable and enables the creation of virtual environments for any application.

Safely develop your multi-fleet system for off-road operational design domains

Verify disengagement events

Resimulate real-world disengagement events to understand what might have happened without operator intervention. Create scenarios with human agents walking around large mining or construction vehicles and get coverage over sensor blindspots.

Test failures in safety remote control

Create custom signals to simulate connection failure with remote management systems.

Test multi-robot interactions

Use multi-agent simulation to observe how multiple automated large construction vehicles interact with each other on construction sites.

Model how sensors interact in the real world

Model various materials for metal and soil that affect how data is generated using synthetic lidar.

Customize every aspect of virtual worlds for your use cases

3D construction vehicle assets.
Easily vary environmental parameters such as snow on the ground for comprehensive perception testing.
Create photo-realistic 3D virtual worlds.
Test your stack in an off-road environment with dirt.