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ADAS and AD development platform

Applied Intuition’s development platform allows engineering teams to safely develop and test advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) systems at scale. The unified toolchain spans across the entire development cycle, from simulation to data exploration and validation.

Improve safety and deploy faster with industry-leading technology

Shorter development cycles

Utilize a unified development platform to eliminate siloed workflows. Iterate faster through virtual testing, identify and resolve issues from real-world tests more efficiently, and accelerate time to market—all while reducing production costs.

Increased system safety

Use Applied Intuition’s simulation and validation solutions to reduce the risks of real-world testing, fix issues early in the development process, and assess the safety and regulatory compliance of an ADAS or AD system.

Industry-leading technology

Rely on an industry-leading toolchain enabled by the latest advancements in ML to bring safe ADAS and AD systems to market faster. 18 of the top 20 global automakers trust Applied Intuition to deliver production-grade software.

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Use cases

Perception & localization

Utilize simulation, data replay, and synthetic data to develop and validate complex ADAS and AD perception and localization modules.
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Motion planning and controls

Use scenario-based testing and data replay to develop and validate ADAS and AD motion planning and controls modules.
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Scenario creation

Create scenarios from synthetic data or real-world logs to assess the performance of an ADAS or AD system.
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Log visualization and triage

Understand field testing issues as you scale ADAS and AD development.
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Large-scale testing

Automate and scale ADAS and AD simulation to accelerate time to market.
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Vehicle dynamics

Simulate vehicle dynamics performance with accurate, detailed, and computationally efficient models.
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Verification and validation

Ensure ADAS and AD safety from development to commercial deployment.
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Map creation for simulation

Create synthetic maps for ADAS and AD validation and generate 3D worlds for sensor simulation.
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Sensor suite design and validation

Define sensor requirements, evaluate options across suppliers, and optimize sensor calibrations, mounting positions, and brackets.
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Trusted by 18 of the top 20 automakers

“Using Applied Intuition’s tools, we hope to create realistic simulations that can help validate and certify our autonomous control systems.”
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Han Park
Deputy CTO
“Level 4 self-driving service technology requires driving on roads with high complexity and high uncertainty. We need a dependable partner like Applied Intuition to quickly secure reliable autonomous driving technology.”
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Junghee Park
Co-Founder and CEO
“Applied Intuition’s team has equipped us with tools to enable a development approach that is economically viable at the same time.”
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Edwin Olson
Co-Founder and CEO
“The Applied Intuition team has demonstrated their expertise and has equipped us with tools to accelerate the safe development of commercial trucks in a financially viable way.”
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Michael Fleming
Founder and Board Member
“We chose to work with Applied Intuition because of its state-of-the-art simulation technology. We are comprehensively validating our system for various complex situations that could arise in the real world.”
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Takao Asami
Senior Vice President
“Applied Intuition works hand in hand with our engineering teams to integrate their tools with our quite complex codebase.”
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Nikos Michalakis
VP of Software Platform

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