Get the most out of your drive data

Automatically identify interesting events from all of your drive data. Strada makes it easy to find and export these log snippets for training, development, and validation of your vehicle stack.

Make logs available to everyone in your organization

Easily share interesting events across the organization by automatically ingesting and processing complex, large logs. Our cloud-based tool lets everyone on the team visualize, query, and use drive data through a web browser without the need for downloading large files.

Visualize drive logs on top of satellite imagery and your HD map
Playback multiple cameras, LIDAR point clouds, RADAR and other sensor data
Overlay your 2D and 3D stack output on your camera feed for debugging

Tag your drive data to make queries simple

Analyze your drive logs and attach higher-level metadata to events. Use our powerful query language to find relevant scenarios without manually sifting through hours of video.

Strada automatically annotates drive data with: 

Scenarios encountered on the road
Objects detected in camera data
Machine learning-detected anomalous patterns
Relevant road data from your HD maps and OpenStreetMap
Custom metrics pulled from your logs

Extract “needle in the haystack” events

Surface disengagements, anomalies, and issues in your stack performance across all of your drive logs. Automatically create datasets and resimulation scenarios from discovered events.

Automatically ingest incoming logs to make them useful immediately
Define custom events using rules, observers, and built-in anomaly detection
Extract log snippets for use in resimulation and development