Create thousands of scenarios from a modernized UI

Create scenarios and run virtual tests on the fly with our core simulator. Simian is equipped with features that enable fast and comprehensive scenario coverage for your autonomous vehicle development.

Key features

ISO 26262-certified simulator with simple UI-based workflow for creating scenarios
Rich library of behaviors for vehicles, pedestrians, and other agents, including randomized traffic definitions and intelligent traffic models
Programmatic generation of parameter values and scenario variations
Support for built-in custom functionality for vehicle models, surrounding object behaviors, and performance metrics
OpenDrive and HD Map importer and map conversion for urban and highway environments
Flexible, composable library of criteria for determining if a scenario passes or fails

ISO 26262-certified

Simian is ISO 26262-certified to the highest tool confidence level (TCL) 3. It supports the development of automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) D safety-critical autonomous systems.

Cover a wide range of scenarios within minutes

Create thousands of scenario permutations by changing parameter values programmatically.

Model complex real-world interactions

Easily create test scenarios that are relevant for your operational design domain (ODD). Incrementally add complexity and broaden coverage as your system matures.

Debug issues with stack performance

Identify root causes of regressions, capability gaps, and suboptimal performance with a web-based visualizer and results analysis.