Run large-scale simulations with CI for safer, faster development

Leverage Applied’s infrastructure to run large-scale cloud simulations in continuous integration (CI). Orbis integrates into your team’s existing testing and development workflows to scale and automate scenario-based testing.

Key features

Large-scale scenario-based tests on code changes and at scheduled intervals (continuous integration)
Analysis workflows to help your team understand stack and scenario health
Kubernetes backend running millions of simulations in parallel with 99.99% uptime
Interoperability with other CI tools (e.g., Jenkins) and third-party simulators
Flexible deployment supports public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise
Easy-to-use, web-based GUI allowing for collaborative issue triage and performance analysis

Gate code merges with commit test scenarios

Ensure that no new code changes introduce regressions by automatically running pre-defined, scenario-based testing on every merge request. Results let teams block merges and inspect issues. 

Track progressions with scheduled assessments

Measure your stack’s performance against KPIs by running large sets of scenario-based tests daily or weekly. Track trends over time to ensure constant progress on key AV/ADAS stack features.

Test coverage and identify failure modes with large parameter sweeps

Run simulations with millions of variations using Kubernetes-based distributed compute (available with any cloud-provider or on-premise). Orbis enables highly performant analysis of large-scale simulation results through an easy-to-use GUI.

Scale any in-house or third-party simulator

Orbis’ simulator-agnostic orchestration adds scale and parallelism to any in-house or third-party simulator. Leverage continuous integration for all platforms, while having all simulation results in one place for viewing and collaboration.

Accelerate engineering velocity and deploy safer software

Reduce time and cost

Run millions of tests virtually to reduce dependence on expensive, slow on-road testing

Scale your testing program

Run simulations on large-scale distributed compute

Ship safer code

Detect regressions automatically and catch failure modes early