Map analysis and editing for autonomy applications

Validate, edit, and query your own maps. With Meridian, it’s easy to create completely new maps for simulation tests or instantly generate scenarios and 3D worlds at map locations of interest.

Get your maps ready for production use

From a local route to thousands of miles across the continent, identify errors in your maps before deploying them for production use.

Edit or augment maps for your use cases

Improve the quality of your maps by fixing errors and enrich them by adding road features needed for your operational design domain (ODD). Create new synthetic maps and sweep over road parameters like curvature and width to ensure your vehicle can handle any edge case it might encounter in the real world.

Easily identify locations of interest

Query for interesting locations on a map. Quickly find challenging locations for testing in the real world or in simulation. Visualize results and share them with your team easily via a web interface.

Fully test your AV stack on scenarios created from maps

Creating scenarios from maps is instantaneous with Meridian. Build synthetic maps, generate thousands of variations of map features programmatically, and use them to comprehensively test your AV stack in simulation.

Generate 3D worlds from maps

From base maps such as 2D maps, automatically generate 3D virtual environments for sensor simulation. Add, modify, or remove 3D assets to generate any environment needed for perception algorithm testing.

Obtain accurate and high-quality maps at scale for safe autonomous driving

Build with quality

Meridian helps teams discover and fix errors on map data to enable safe operation of autonomous vehicles.

Focus on safety

Flexible map editing and creation enables teams to thoroughly test their AV or ADAS systems on thousands of map variations.

Scale with ease

Meridian lets teams validate maps containing millions of lane miles, automate map editing workflows, and manage all of their map versions easily.