The European New Car Assessment Programme
(Euro NCAP)

Achieve the highest safety rating scores and justify system readiness with a scalable verification and validation (V&V) framework.
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Customer challenge
During development, automobile manufacturers need to assess their potential Euro NCAP ratings to confirm system readiness, identify critical areas, and improve ratings.
Definitions around the complete set of scenarios and variations that should be tested are unclear
Track testing is time-consuming and expensive
It takes weeks for development teams to get their Euro NCAP test results
Plans to expand NCAP to include more testing for automated driving functions are vague
Applied’s solution
Applied’s solution helps ADAS programs manage Euro NCAP tests, analyze results, and understand areas of improvement for different vehicle models with an end-to-end validation platform.
Leverage a full suite of out-of-the-box simulation tests (e.g., Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB))
Unify requirements management, software-in-the-loop (SIL) tests, and vehicle testing
Generate Euro NCAP score reports automatically
Establish a V&V framework that will scale ADAS testing beyond Euro NCAP

Justify system readiness with a rigorous V&V framework

Evaluate functions with high-quality SIL simulation tests
Pre-defined test cases with logical scenarios help you assess your ADAS software and comply with regulatory protocols.
Ingest Euro NCAP tests from test track environments
Complement simulation testing by extracting relevant metrics from test track results.
Receive interactive Euro NCAP score report
Review an executive-level dashboard to assess function performance, share performance and coverage reports, and identify fixes to improve scores.
Break down performance and coverage by function and ODD
Obtain statistical confidence that the system can safely perform each ADAS capability and within the operational design domain (ODD).
Evaluate functions on a more rigorous set of ADAS test suites
Justify system readiness beyond Euro NCAP by testing a more complete and rigorous test suite for ADAS systems.
Build a future-proof V&V framework
Leverage an extensive suite of simulation tests
A dedicated team of scenario engineers will work with you to build, maintain, and extend packs based on your needs.
Increase developer efficiency
Live dashboards will highlight highest-priority issues to fix, supported by thousands of data points.
Build confidence
Track progression towards Euro NCAP performance goals and system readiness across ADAS capabilities.
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