Deploy autonomous mobile robots with confidence

Simulation enables faster, safer, and more efficient development processes. Applied’s Development Platform is completely customizable and enables the creation of simulated environments for any application.

Develop your multi-robot system in simulation

Test how a single robot operates in target domains

Create scenarios to evaluate your robot’s core functionalities such as navigation, obstacle avoidance, right-of-way, and object detection and localization.

Evaluate how robots interact with each other

Verify whether fleets of robots are able to navigate past each other in the same environment using multi-ego simulation.

Prepare for challenging scenarios

Test your algorithms against rare and difficult events. Easily vary environmental parameters for comprehensive testing.

Generate scenarios from real-world data

Remove fidelity gaps by creating scenarios from collected data. Verify what might have happened if a remote operator did not intervene in the real world.

Customize any aspect of virtual worlds for your specific use cases

Simulate sensors including cameras, lidars, and radars.
Test multi-robot interactions.
Create photo-realistic 3D virtual worlds (e.g., a warehouse).
Test your stack's behavior around obstacles such as warehouse workers.
Evaluate how a fleet of robots operates at a facility level.