Simulate every component of your autonomy stack
Test modules individually or all together with our simulation engine that’s custom built for speed and accuracy.

Create complex scenarios in minutes

Use both real and synthetic data to describe sophisticated interactions in our scenario editor. Easily generate thousands of permutations to cover edge cases.

Define specific rules for testing and validation

Create custom logic for determining whether a simulation should pass or fail. Measure the performance of each new software version based on these criteria.

Accurately model a variety of sensors

Scale high-fidelity sensor simulation for camera, RADAR, LIDAR, and ultrasonic sensors using parallel resource utilization. Carefully verify your sensor models with deterministic results.

Procedurally generate realistic environments

Programmatically generate high-definition, 3D worlds. Change parameters such as time of the day or the weather while maintaining pixel accurate annotations.

Use Cases

These are just a few ways in which our customers use Applied's simulation products.
Live debugging
Investigate your code line by line with real time visualization and feedback.
Reduce on-road testing
Test new behaviors and uncover edge cases before pushing updates to your vehicles.
Improve perception algorithms
Compare the performance of different stack versions to ground truth data.
Comprehensive sensor validation
Test endless permutations of vehicle configurations and 3D environments.

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