Rapidly accelerate your autonomous vehicle development
Simulate every component of your autonomous vehicle software with the only integrated development environment built for autonomous driving.
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An autonomous vehicle stops in front of a pedestrian crossing a street in simulation.

Re-create complex scenarios in minutes

Use our powerful scenario editor to describe complex interactions for autonomous systems. Easily generate thousands of permutations to cover edge cases.

Bring in real world data

Import maps for a location of interest and the behaviors of objects in that environment. Convert the imported data to simulation-ready scenarios in one click.

An autonomous vehicle safely changes a lane in simulation
An autonomous vehicle drives carefully next to a large truck in virtual testing.

Debug your AV software with insight into failures

Step through your autonomous vehicle code with our interactive simulation platform. Dive deeper into failures with a web-based visualizer and customized metrics.

Catch regressions and measure progress

Automatically run large sets of scenarios against your autonomous vehicle software to ensure continuous improvement. Track progress and share results with your team through the dashboard.

An autonomous vehicle slows down as a cyclist emerges into a lane in virtual testing.

Key Features

Custom built for AVs
Get deterministic results from a validated simulation engine
Easy integration
Integrate with your autonomous vehicle software within weeks
Optimized for scale
Deploy to a cloud or on-prem cluster to run millions of simulations
Modular testing of AV stack
Simulate everything from individual modules to your full autonomy stack
Computationally lightweight
Run simulations on commodity servers to reduce your infrastructure investment
Open source compatibility
Works with common open source formats for scenarios, drive data, and interface APIs
Experience the power of simulation
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