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How we help our clients

Leverage our expertise and experience working with the world's most sophisticated AV teams.

Implementation Support

Full toolchain integration support including third-party components

Development of additional components such as APIs and user interfaces

Customizable onboarding and training

Software and Architecture Strategy

Identification of use cases and translation into requirements

Software development planning

IT/system implementation

Managed Services

Onsite, dedicated staff

Simulation operations

Reporting and analytics

Leverage software best practices

Strategic Program Support & Advisory

Analysis of building in-house versus purchasing

Vendor assessment (including RFQs)

ROI assessment

Our expertise

Our team has decades of experience across software development, robotics, and autonomous vehicle simulation.


Distributed computing

Large scale data processing

Machine learning



ISO 26262

V&V for autonomy

Vehicle systems

On-car visualization



Control systems

Motion planning



Production AV development

Sensor modeling & validation

Realistic 3D modeling

Vehicle dynamics

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