Analyze and validate your AV stack on on-road issues and disengagements

Logstream is a drive log re-simulation tool that uses real-world data to evaluate AV stack performance. Closed-loop re-simulation enables teams to diagnose on-road issues and verify new software versions.

Verify your stack’s performance in disengage scenarios

Re-run disengagements or unique events encountered in the real world so you can verify and improve the system’s performance on past events.

Determine what would have happened if the operator had not intervened through automatic re-simulation
Analyze behavior to determine the severity of an event if the driver had not taken over
Manually review and confirm issues in a web-based visualizer and share with your team

Find root-causes of bugs and fix stack issues

Analyze inputs, outputs, and powerful metrics to deeply understand stack behavior and ensure software updates resolve issues found in the field.

Add, remove, and modify actor behavior to test how motion planning performs in related scenarios
Analyze perception and localization performance using metrics based on manually labeled ground truth data
Re-simulate drive logs with the improved stack to compare the updated behavior with the behavior from past drives

Ensure software updates resolve issues found in the field

Test new versions of your systems with recorded logs to make sure they can safely navigate on-road issues.

Re-simulate new versions of the stack with recorded drive issues
Automatically find failing tests using comprehensive pass/fail metrics
Scalably create comprehensive tests by augmenting drive logs with synthetic data