Get production tooling used by top AV programs worldwide
All of our products are completely customizable with full integration support.
Built for a wide range of autonomous applications
Our platform’s flexible architecture can support even the most unique technical requirements. Every feature can be customized to your use case.
Easy to use for everyone on the team
Enjoy an intuitive user experience that requires minimal training to learn. Collaborating across teams is as simple as sharing a link.
Get up and running in a matter of days
Integrating your AV stack with our platform is a straightforward process. Applied’s engineering team handles most of the work to ensure timely completion.
Gain a comprehensive overview of your program
Evaluate your progress with data aggregated across teams and sources. Custom metrics enable you to set measurable goals and track software performance over time.

Key Features

Reduce on-road testing
Test and validate from components to full system
Full development cycle
Configurable workflows at every step of the process
Levels 2-5
Complete feature set for ADAS and full autonomy
Test hardware & software
Support for open and closed loop HIL and SIL
Highly scalable
Reliable, cost efficient performance at scale
Track AV KPIs
Measure progress and define criteria for success

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