Manage your AV program from development to production
Free your team from working on the non-differentiating aspects of AV development.

Extract valuable data from real world drives and simulations

Query your entire history of drive logs for interesting events and filter results based on quality and importance. Bring together related events in custom scenarios to examine specific vehicle behaviors.

Aggregate performance issues and identify patterns

Review interesting events recorded from vehicles and simulations to determine root cause issues. Share the data with other team members for further analysis and fixes.

Inform your development with data-driven insights

Extract and aggregate performance metrics from drive logs into automatic charts, dashboards, and shareable reports for a holistic view of your development progress.

Test and deploy new software with confidence

Run your system through thousands of virtual scenarios and variations to catch regressions and measure progress before rolling it out for on-road testing.

Use Cases

These are just a few ways in which our customers use Applied's infrastructure products.
Focus your algorithm development
Define specific parameters to fetch relevant scenarios for targeted testing.
Quickly identify high severity issues
Directly tag and assign events to appropriate teams for timely software fixes.
Prevent unstable releases
Schedule regular tests that software builds must pass before deployment.
Verify scenario coverage
Methodically expand testing locations and routes with confidence.

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