A purpose built platform for automotive and beyond

The flexibility of Applied Development Platform enables diverse applications across industries.

L3 and above applications

Verify scenario coverage and cover corner cases
Assess system’s safety readiness for deployment based on SOTIF and ISO 26262(details)
Reduce on-road testing and manual data labeling using synthetic simulation


Run EuroNCAP scenario testing for AEB
Test every stage of development progress using V-model (details)
Run large number of parallel simulations for automated testing and CI(details)

Freight and trucking

Test corner cases using relevant scenarios for highways worldwide
Comprehensively cover edge cases using re-simulation and synthetic simulation
Supports multi-body dynamics modeling


Simulation engine optimized for autonomous haulage systems
Recreate digital twins of your deployment areas
Run advanced analytics for fleet operations, routing, coverage

Logistics & indoor AMRs

Sensor simulation optimized for SLAM development
Simulate warehouses, shipping & dock yards, and fulfillment centers in 3D synthetic environments
Validate planning and control algorithms with multi-actor scenarios using built-in intelligent models


Create complex maps in minutes using real-world satellite imagery and data
Validate sensors in large scale 3D simulation environments with a vast catalog of crop and farming equipment assets to choose from
Supports partially automated vehicles (e.g. route planning) through full autonomy (e.g. obstacle detection, collision avoidance)


Train perception algorithms using sensor simulation
Swarm modeling with multi-actor support
Supports eVTOL for autonomous taxi, takeoff, and landing

Delivery robots

Create complex scenarios in minutes using a rich library of behaviors available for sidewalk robotics use cases
Run large-scale parallel simulation to test for long tail of events
Validate pedestrian detection algorithms using synthetic datasets covering sidewalk and road operation

Vast libraries of synthetic data sets for every industry

Use synthetic data to procedurally generate 3D worlds and train perception algorithms with off-the-shelf annotations.

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