Build your autonomous systems on a scalable foundation
Leverage infrastructure specifically designed for each stage of the development cycle.
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Efficiently manage data

View your drive data across different data sources (local through cloud) and automatically filter it based on quality and importance.

Share drives effortlessly across the company

Access your team's complete library of drives on a web browser. Share and track interesting drives through URLs.

Extract insights and scenarios

Programmatically extract interesting drive snippets based on customized rules. Run these scenarios using Applied's simulation platform.

Guide your future test campaigns

Continuously evaluate the goals of your AV program based on drive history and get recommendations on where to test next.

Key Features

Built for scale
Manage drive data sets across large fleets of vehicles
Smart query system
Quickly search and view interesting drives
Web-based visualization
Watch drive playbacks right in your browser
Reduced storage costs
Store only the data you need and archive the rest
Cross-platform compatibility
Works out of the box on major cloud providers as well as local environments
Powerful dashboard
Use metrics from drive data to monitor your AV software performance
Put your drive data to work
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