Applied’s simulation powers autonomous transportation for those who need it most


The autonomous vehicle (AV) development process utilizes traditional on-road vehicle testing in conjunction with large scale virtual simulations to continuously test and validate the autonomy software and hardware stack. This is an integral part of improving the performance and safety of AV’s.

Voyage, an AV startup based in Silicon Valley, is building the technology and services to bring autonomous transportation to those who need it most, beginning in retirement communities. Whether residents face mobility restrictions or just want to take a ride, Voyage takes pride in getting all passengers to their destination safely, efficiently, and affordably.

Voyage/Applied Intuition/Amazon Partnership

To develop, manage, and accelerate their AV development process, Voyage has been working with Applied Intuition (Applied) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Focused on simulation and analytics, Applied’s platform delivers a complete toolchain for managing the AV development lifecycle. Applied’s solution is also modular and flexible, enabling customers like Voyage to adapt and integrate it for their specific needs.

AWS provides cloud-based infrastructure services including tiered storage, high-speed networking, and large scale compute. Leveraging Applied’s solution deployed on AWS, Voyage is able to quickly test and iterate on hundreds of drive scenarios and thousands of permutations.

Applied’s solution enables them to debug and validate their autonomy software, while also ensuring that code changes are additive, and the overall functioning of their AV stack is maintained.

“We test hundreds of scenarios and thousands of permutations on every code change.

There are very few ways to accelerate engineering 10x, but this is one.”

Oliver Cameron
Co-Founder and CEO, Voyage

Impact for Voyage

Using the above simulation-centric approach, Voyage has reduced expensive on-road testing to validate software fixes, and has accelerated their AV development cycle by 25%.

In turn, this has enabled Voyage to scale up operations rapidly – from a retirement community in San Jose with 4,000 residents to a retirement city in Florida with 125,000 - residents in less than two years.

Applied's solution

The Voyage team creates thousands of scenarios encountered in retirement communities easily using proprietary features within the Applied software
Running thousands of scenarios, in return, requires large-scale compute capacity, which is supported by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
The Applied visualizer allows members of the Voyage team to create scenarios from the UI and collaborate among the distributed team practicing remote work
Applied’s Continuous Integration (CI) module is tightly integrated into Voyage’s development workflows and blocks commit tests if the regression code changes adversely impact the overall functionality of the AV stack

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