Introducing a New Brand for Applied Intuition

April 2, 2019
1 min read

For the past couple of years, we’ve described Applied Intuition’s purpose as “building advanced simulation software for autonomous vehicles.” While simulation is and always will be a foundational focus at Applied Intuition, it’s also just the first piece in the puzzle of how we plan to equip the rapidly evolving autonomous industry.

Today we’re excited to roll out a new brand identity that reflects our robust, long term vision for the company — the heart of which we’ve articulated in our mission statement:

“Applied Intuition provides software infrastructure to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles at scale.”

We believe the infrastructure we’re building significantly improves the development process of our customers. As Voyage CEO Oliver Cameron recently said about our simulation platform, “there’s very few ways to 10x engineering, but this is one.”

This is why the core concept of our new logo is the caret ^ It represents how we help our customers be exponentially more effective in bringing autonomy quickly and safely to market:

You might find additional meaning in the logo as well–like an AV before an open road, an A for “Applied,” an upwards arrow–but the message remains the same: we elevate our customers

We’ve also rebuilt our website to communicate this story in a simple, straightforward way. The key benefits of our solutions are front and center, expressed through our new brand’s colors, typography, and imagery.

The new website

For a more in-depth explanation of our rebrand, read the post from our design lead, Justin — “Inside the Process: Creating a New Brand for Applied Intuition.”

We’re proud to have a new brand that represents the hard work and vision of what we’re building at Applied Intuition. There’s much more to come!